Little Dinosaur Group
Management strategy of talented person

The company has always adhered to the people-oriented policies and is committed to creating an equal, inclusive, trustworthy, and collaborative work environment . Besides that, we provide employees with a stage to display their talents. We comply with human resources policies and regulations and build a good platform for every employee.

Staff is a valuable asset of the company, to this end, we actively promote and improve staff compensation, benefits and insurance systems, further refinement of the economic value added (EVA) and all staff performance assessment. According to the overall goals of the company and the characteristics of each affiliated company, a differentiated assessment will be implemented to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the assessment. The company always adheres to the principles of democracy, openness, competition, and excellence, to select and employ various types of talents from both inside and outside.

Concept of bring up talented person

We are eager for person who with integrity, passion, lofty ideals and daring to take responsibility to join us! We will spare no effort to create unlimited oppprtunities for your development.

Human Resource Planning

In order to meet the needs of rapid business development, we will train four teams of talents over five years: First, they can understand the development trend of the international market, to have experience and ability to implement domestic and international engineering project management, and to understand the senior management personnel and experts Team. The second is a business management talent team with professionalism, familiarity with management and related professional skills, and strong organization, coordination and management capabilities. The third is a professional and technical talent team with relatively reasonable knowledge structure, professional structure and age structure. Fourth, there is a contingent of skilled personnel with complete specialties and reasonable echelon structure. 

The proportion of professional titles is further rational, the proportion of high, middle and primary professional titles is adjusted to 1: 2: 2; The age structure of talent is further improved, the proportion of talents under 45 years of age is above 85%; the structure of talent education has been greatly improved, and the undergraduate students are up to 60%.

In training talents, we should vigorously carry out training and continuing education, highlight the emphasis and grade of training, and comprehensively improve the quality of all kinds of talents. By 2015, a staff training system and a continuing education system for professional and technical personnel were initially established.

In the environment of talent growth, a harmonious humanistic environment and a good atmosphere for people are created from policies, systems and mechanisms. By establishing and perfecting the mechanism of personnel training, use, evaluation and encouragement, the environment of talent growth is more perfect.

Talent policy

Firmly establish the concept of "talent first", select talents, cultivate talents, retain talents, and form an atmosphere of respecting talents and caring for talents in the enterprise.Through the implementation of the appointment of middle-level managers and the optimization of the staff , the flexible employment mechanism and the incentive compensation allocation system are set up to make the talents come to the fore and enhance the competitiveness and cohesion of the enterprises.

The enterprise pays attention to cultural construction, dilutes the staff's identity, strengthens the sense of responsibility, and builds a harmonious enterprise through a well-established retention mechanism. 

The first is to establish a mechanism for keeping people in business.Adhering to people-oriented, while seeking continuous development of the company, we will actively build a stage for the staff to display their talents, give them full space to achieve their own value of life, and ultimately achieve interactive and win-win enterprise and talent, coordinated development; 

The second is to establish treatment of people mechanism. We take full account of the staff's difficulties and needs, pay close attention to the vital interests of the staff, taking various measures, working hard to solve practical problems such as work and settlement for them, reforming the remuneration system, implementing various benefits, and increasing the manpower with excellent treatment. 

The third is to establish an emotional retention mechanism. Strengthening the construction of corporate culture, we will create a talent growth environment that is people-oriented, equal, equal opportunities and fair competition, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, enhance the staff's sense of identity and belonging to the company, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.