Little Dinosaur Group

R&D Team

Little dinosaur group owns product R&D and Intelligent Manufacturing capabilities. In the past 20 years, from the generation of the ODM to our own brand, the Group has formed a creative design as a guide, based on engineering technology, and has continuously developed comfortable high-level off-road strollers, quick-release children's bicycles and many other types of children durable goods. As a high and new tech enterprise, we set up Jiangsu engineering and technical research center, Jiangsu comfortable stroller technology research center and Jiangsu graduate workstation, forming a research and development system based on the engineering technology of Jiangsu Province. 

We develop more than 100 new products annually and obtain more than 290 Invention Patents. We work together in an efficient and collaborative manner and integrate market research, product design, process technology, and standards research. Based on ergonomics of infants and young children, we start with insight into consumer demand, and continue to introduce original products in a fusion of technological innovation and artistic fashion. 

We also participate in the draft of Distribution Label for Chemical and Light Industry Products,; Safety Requirement of Baby Walker; and Safety Requirement of Child’s Tricycle; the review of Safety Requirement of Baby Swing; Safety Requirement of Child’s seat for Bicycle.

Our enterprise is certified with ISO 9001 in 2003, ICTI, GSV,C-TPAT in 2009 and all domestic products of our enterprise have been certified by CCC and Besides that,we successfully pass many factory inspections from Wal-Mart、OXYBUL、COSTCO、ARGOS、WCA and other international customers.

Recently, we have introduced the development concepts of greentech, made strategic plans for the long-term future of the enterprise, and assumed our social responsibility.

The group's central laboratory was founded on 2005 and consists of the mechanical physics testing laboratory, chemical laboratory, textile laboratory and parts testing laboratory.