Little Dinosaur Group

Supply chain

Our Group occupies a total an area of 168 mu, with a construction area of nearly 100,000 square meters. Now we have over 1800 employees and produce more than 6000,000 Children’s vehicles annually. We have a complete supply chain for the children's products manufacturing industry, from the steel strip to the factory to the finished output, the entire process of internal manufacturing, full control of customer product’s delivery, quality and service.

The Group has continuously introduced modern production equipment and robotic welding equipment. Currently, we have 43 robots. The quality of our products has been greatly increased and the cost has been significantly reduced.

Our enterprise is certified with ISO 9001 in 2003, ICTI, GSV,C-TPAT in 2009 and all domestic products of our enterprise have been certified by CCC and Besides that,we successfully pass many factory inspections from Wal-Mart、OXYBUL、COSTCO、ARGOS、WCA and other international customers.