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2014 market report on Infant stroller in China

Although infant stroller has been sold in Chinese market for only about half a century, Chia has become the largest stroller manufacturer in the world.

Although infant stroller has been sold in China for only about half a century, Chia has become the biggest stroller manufacturer. Strollers cover bedsit stroller for 0~2 years old infant , infant stroller for 6 months ~4 years old infant, light stroller (umbrella stroller), outdoor stroller with pneumatic tires and the popular twin stroller because of the two-children policy. Strollers’ prices also vary from one to one.

The researches made by baby market and SinoMedia indicate the purchasing rate among different strollers.

The durability 0f stroller

The 200 families surveyed show that every family has 1.9 stroller on average. 70% of them have 2 or more strollers. After purchasing or receiving, if the stroller has not been used or damaged, 63% of families will make a present of it to other families. That is to say, 60% of families have once received the strollers send by others, including the new and second-hand strollers.

In a word, Chinese parents are quite experienced in using a stroller. But some details about the durability of a stroller are often neglected. The result of the survey made by Baby Market and SinoMedia shows that in China the families that use a stroller until a baby grows up to 4~5years old take up 87% and the families after a baby grow up to 5 years old take up 23%, the families before a baby grow up to 4 years old take up 46%. If we take the stroller sent as a gift into consideration, a stroller is generally used for 5 to 8 years. The result also shows that 83% of parents know a little about the durability of stroller and they just think the stroller that look as good as a new stroller is a good one. Patents in China hope a stroller can be used for more than 5 years. Bu in fact, the strollers on market can be used, in a manufacturer’s eye, for 5 years at most. After 5 years, there will exists potential safety hazard in a stroller, such as brake failure and folding failure. Some strollers will even be scrapped for over-use.

Thus it can be seen that Chinese parents know a little about the durability of stroller. Manufacturers and retailers need to help parents learn how to use a stroller correctly in product manual, which also can help to promote the sales of stroller. As the same time, trade-in of stroller or donating second-hand stroller to remote cities can be carried out oo speed up market circulation of strollers which is environment-friendly and helps to increase performance.

The function of stroller

When choosing a stroller, quality and safety is considered in the first place. Quality guarantee usually depends on brand influence, which is emphasized in Baby Market’s stroller market report. Parents usually consider the functions as follows:

Sunshade: 72% of parents think sunshade is quite important. When choosing a stroller, the shape, the material, the scope and the measurement of a folded sunshade are usually taken into consideration. 34% of parents are quite unsatisfied with the existing sunshade for the material, ventilation and baby observing. 81% of parents favor UV sunshade and 47% of parent hope to buy a stroller with a rain cover. Howerer, 6% of parents think original rain cover is too expensive and the rain cover on Taobao is much cheaper. 23% of parents think they won’t go out on rainy day.

Chair-back: 66% of parents think adjustable chair-back with fixed angle is quite important and 98% of parents hold that imported stroller with famous brand is perfect in the adjustment of chair-back. However, 42% of parents think home-made stroller with a lower price do a bad job in adjustment of chair back. 40% of parents don’t consider that the adjustment of chai-back will affect baby sitting or sleeping. As it can be seen that Chinese parents, especially the medium or lower consumers, are lesser demanding on the comfort than safety and convenience.

Cushion: cushion is usually designed or tailored according to the size and folding of stroller. 81% of parents focus on the material and comfort of cushion. A satisfactory cushion should be breathable, big enough, stout and clean. 7% of parents suggest a soft head protector and 33% think cushion should be antibacterial.

Frame: 83% of parents are apt to choose aluminum and 45% are apt to choose lovely colorful frame which can be seen from imported and domestic first-class stroller.

Handle and wheel: 92% of parents focus on the height and comfort of handle. Such a high ratio reminds us that the direct touch decides parent’s choice. The flexibility, stability, safety of the wheel, 87% parents think, is the most important thing .

Folding device: folding device on market is mainly divided into three categories, including the stroller that can stand free with a square after folding, the stroller that couldn’t stand free but with a strip after folding, the stroller that can be backed up but its frame is unsteady. 73% of parents require the folded stroller should be placed in personal car. 60% of parents prefer the stroller that can become smaller after folding.

3% of parents suggest the service that temporary stroller rent in public places such as garden or market should be provided. It’s also an effective channel to cooperate with market for stroller manufacturers.

Safety belt: 100% of parents know that safety belt is to retain baby from falling out the stroller due to baby’s naughty, but they don’t care whether safety belt is five points or three points belt as long as the belt is useful. 12% of parents favor the adjustable safety belt in lengthen and the belt that can be washed. Some parents think safety belt will not be needed when baby grow up to 3 years old.

Front guard: 69% of parents think detachable front guard is more preferable because more room is available for baby and it’s more convenient for parents to diaper baby when front guard is disassembled.

Basket: 90% of parents prefer the stroller with a basket or bag to hold something like diaper or nursing feeder. Imported strollers are all equipped with a basket on the side of stroller. 65% of parents show interests in the stroller with a basket.

Braking: In fact many Chinese parents don’t realize that braking is required by stroller and the brake of stroller can slow down stroller. Only 12% of parents have studied the brake when buying a stroller. When parents are told, 69% of parents realize the importance of brake.

Shockproof system: the cushion is usually filled with foam or resin cotton and intermediate strollers also have shock-resist system equipped in front wheel or back wheel. 11% of parents know there is a shockproof system, but they don’t know how to test the shockproof by pressing stroller when buying it. After learning the basic knowledge of shockproof, 38% of parents realize the importance of shock-resist.


46% of parents hold that their needs differ from each other because of  baby-caring customs and climate.

Service plate: dismountable, on the front of seat, for the display of food or toy. 62%

Rain cover: full-cover.16%

Podotheca: for the outside use in cold area. 16%

Parents, especially 80s parents, usually take the color, fabric pattern into consideration when buying strollers. The 78% of parent find that fashion is quite important and the appearance and color should be beautiful.

The survey on the misunderstandings of Chinese parents when they use strollers.

Baby Market indicates that due to the effect of life style and traditional custom, parents in China share misunderstandings in common when they buy or use strollers. Here are some examples for reference and these examples can also be listed in manual.

Stroller is used as a shopping trolley: the basket on stroller is designed to hold something like diaper or something necessary. Sometimes, when parents go shopping with baby, 76% of them place something over 5 KG on the stroller which carries a baby under 3 years old at the same time. In fact, it’s suggested that heavy stuff should not be placed on stroller, especially on the handle and the side of seat. Heavy stuff on the stroller could cause the deflection of gravity, which may result in the turnover of lightstroller.

Taking stroller to go up and down: 69% of parents among middle and lower customers who have an annual income of under 8000 don’t have an elevator to use in their buildings. When they go up or down, they usually carry a stroller with their baby in it, which is actually very dangerous. If parents step off stairs or fall out stroller, baby will face extreme danger. The stroller must be folded when parents carry it up and down. Parents should care for baby carefully and cling to the hand-rail firmly.

Brake unlocked: when a stroller stays still, the survey shows, only 2% of parents will lock the brake; 37% of parents will lock the brake when a stroller go downhill. 24% of parents never know how to lock the brake. Parent should lock the brake when a stroller stays still and pay attention to the condition of a stroller with the consciousness of safety.

Too thick cloth: the length of safety belt usually depends on the age of baby. In China baby caretakers are usually old people. When in outside, baby is usually worn in thick cloth, causing the safety belt to seem like short. 51% of parents think safety belt couldn’t be adjusted to the most ideal length and 22% of parents once gave up using safety belt.

Market Situation of Stroller In China.

The continuously booming stroller market indicates huge growth potential and the furious competition among domestic and international enterprises witnesses great development.

The following data is provided by Alicia Minguillón-Ginés in Interconnection.

The data show that the value of China’s stroller market has increased by 9.8% and annual input has increased by 13.2% from 2012 to 2016. The purchase of stroller is expected to reach 15,000,000. Recently, the booming economy has boosted the purchasing power and stroller, as the must-have when baby goes outside, has been used widely from the most tier second tier city to a wider area. Meanwhile, Two-children policy makes it that the number of infant will increase by 9,500,000 in the next 5 years. The market indicates huge development potential of China’s stroller market.

The market is so large and attractive that the furious competition among domestic and international enterprises witnesses great development.

Foreign brands pour into China’s market and Good Baby stands alone

The survey shows China’s top ten brands in 2003 include Good Baby, Combi, Graco, Stokke, Aprica, BaoBaoHao, Angle, Shen Ma, Ma Mi Bao and Le Mei Da during which CombiGracoStokke and Aprica are all foreign brands and the rest are all domestic brands.

In addition, the research also shows that Good Baby, Aprica, Artsana, Combi and Graco take up 55% of the whole trading volume. In domestic market, Good Baby dominates the stroller market. But market share of foreign brands has been increasing. Domestic strollers are sold at about 25 euro(207 RMB) while imported stroller from the west are sold at about 500 euro(4133 RMB).

Although different types of stroller have different prices, the dominant position of foreign brand stroller can’t be challenged because although price Is the first thing to be considered when China’s parents buy a stroller, safety, which is the biggest advantage of foreign brand, will attract more attention. Furthermore, the shift in consumer culture urges more people to copy western life and using a stroller when parents go outside with their babies has become more and more popular. Finally, although Good Baby, as the greatest domestic brand, has dominated the domestic market, It also impedes the development of other domestic brands. In a word, Good Baby’s standing alone doesn’t improve the actual strengthen of domestic brands and would not have a huge impact on foreign strollers.

A good phenomenon is that many domestic manufacturers have increased investment in the innovation and QC of stroller to gain more market share.

Light stroller is still dominating the market and standard stroller is growing up 

Once upon a time, China’s parents are more willing to choose a cheaper stroller most of which are light stroller for their babies. Now light stroller is still the most popular type of stroller because of its price, weight and measurement. With the increasing use of strollers, more parents prefer cheaper stroller and light stroller is doomed to be a preferable choice due to geomorphic features of public places in China.

Standard stroll is becoming more and more popular by snatching the market of light stroller. As more and more people use strollers as daily necessities, they start to realize they should buy a superior stroller, which has explained why standard strollers have been favored by more people. Interconnection predicts that by 2016, market sales of standard stroller will increase to 38.3% while market sales of light stroller will decrease to 46.4%.

Huge disparities exist among different regions and the market is mainly concentrated in the most-tier cities and the second-tier cities.

For stroller manufacturers, especially for those foreign manufacturers, China’s domestic market is quite complex for it’ not an integral one but a large market consisting of a large number of small markets. It’s easy to find the difference of consuming behavior between rural areas and major cities. On the one hand, families in rural areas have a lower income than the families in cities. On the other hand, the life in rural areas makes it impossible that each family possesses a stroller. Therefore, it’s common that many families in rural areas never use a stroller and the strollers used by fewer families are quite cheap.

In the most-tier city and the second-tier city, most families have at least one stroller. When parents buy something, safety will be considered in the first place. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, because of the higher purchasing power than ordinary cities, infant exclusive stores can be seen everywhere. Foreign brands are generally sold in these exclusive stores. When a couple of parents is attracted by an imported product, they are willing to buy them in chain exclusive stores, which results in the increase of 13.2% from 2012 to 2013 in China.

In the areas that lie between major cities and rural areas, although stroller is not sold in large quantities, with the development of purchasing power, more parents will buy a stroller for their children. As a result, there is large market for domestic manufacturers to develop and these exclusive stores will move to these areas.

Online sales increases drastically and offline market develops value-added services.

Online sales of stroller in China is developing rapidly and is expected to exceed the sales in America. According to the research of Interconnection, online sales of stroller is expected to increase by 20.9% and market share is expected to increase by 9.7% from 2012 to 2016. However, online sales is still much lower than sales of stroller in chain stores,.

Even so, online store is still the best marketing channel among enormous channels. Many parents are so busy that they have no time to go shopping. Shopping online for stroller, on the one hand, can save much time and products bought online can be sent by express. On the other hand, the price of stroller sold online is much lower. Many parents are used to compare the prices of products in chain stores and online stores.

But after-sales service of online store is much worse than that of physical store. Although many online stores are trying to improve the quality of its after-sales service, in consumers’ eyes, physical stores still possess greater advantages than online store.

Compared with common stores and boutiques, exclusive stores have done a good job and they provide personalized recommendations and opportunities of experiencing the products in person for parents. Parents are more willing to shopping in exclusive stores. Exclusive stores greatly provide value-added service and promote brand images.

In fact, more and more physical stores realize the importance of online sales and the stores with both online and offline sales are rising rapidly such as chain exclusive stores and common stores.